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Processed glass


In the production of flat glass, the molten silica-based mix is cooled slowly under carefully controlled conditions. This annealing procedure removes undesirable stresses from the glass. Cooling occurs in an annealing "lehr"; and then annealed glass is heated to a temperature near its softening point and forced to cool rapidly under carefully controlled conditions. The heat treating process produces highly desirable conditions of induced stress, which result in additional strength, resistance to thermal stress, and impact resistance.

1. Safety, once broken, it splits into tiny harmless pieces.
2. Hardness, 4 times harder than ordinary float glass.
3. Special logo and pattern can be printed on tempered glass.
4. Outstanding performance in resisting thermal stress and wind-load.
5. Bear sudden temperature change of 220 centigrade degree.

Thickness: 3~19mm

Sizes: Max. size: 2440x5000mm

1. Traffic vehicles, such as the windows of train, bus, car etc
2. Architecture, such as windows or other areas in a building
3. Household appliances and furniture, such as glass table top and show shelves.

1. Tempered glass can not be cut, drilled or other further process.

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